Testimonials for Deefer Dog Designs’ pet portraits

“I love the fact that you captured the essence of Mila. As a piece of Art I see different things everytime I look at her face and I often have different emotional responses which I have never had with  'staid’ portraits that have been painted of my dogs. I find her painting comforting and uplifting.

Susanne on Mila’s portrait

“Often working alongside Deefer Dog Designs at various animal related functions I have always admired Rose Handke’s work. It is clear she puts a piece of herself in every portrait she does, there is great love for her subject and her vocation.    I could say all those cliqued comments of how well the spirit or essence of the subject has been captured and they would be true but I can honestly tell you nothing quite prepares you for the emotional impact until you have a personal involvement. From the initial black & white to the under colour, you are deeply affected and then when you get that final unveiling you can only be moved by what is before you.

Many people have viewed the portrait of Cole, many who knew him, some had never met him, but the consensus is his portrait is truly magnificent and stunning with some people finding it difficult to take their eyes from it; the first words out of everyone’s lips is “WOW”!
If you are considering investing in a portrait of your pet, I am more than happy to recommend Rose Handke of Deefer Dog Designs.”                                               
Gillian on Cole’s portrait

“Dear Rose
I wanted to write and say how much I love the beautiful the portraits of Ming and Coco you did for me. They are far beyond my wildness expectations and you have captured the very essence of their individual personalities and I almost feel a spiritual connection when I look into Coco’s beautiful eyes – a window to the soul indeed!
Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.
Bodil “                                                                               
Bodil on portraits of Ming and Coco

Portrait received Rose.  Way beyond my expectations.  So very very impressed.
Thanks so much for your beautiful workmanship.  I feel privileged to own a piece of your talent.
I will send you a photo of the framed result.

(PS  this won't be my last order!)”                                                                 Bronte on Jube’s portrait

Rose’s pastel portraits of our two Greyhounds are the highlight of our lounge room.  We choose not to have a television and surround ourselves with beautiful artworks instead and these two portraits are truly beautiful.   Rose has caught the essence of each hound, Heidi's dignified elegance and Clyde's gentle patience, in a way no photo could.   From across the room the portraits are a joy to look at but it is the close up exacting detail that leaves me astonished at Rose's artistry.

I would recommend anyone who would like a lifetime memento of their beloved dog to commission a portrait from Rose”                                                                   Jennie on portraits of Heidi and Clyde

“Fantastic real life painting that uniquely captures Gold Fever's character.  Everyone comments on it and it's a very precious momento for the family.  Rose at DDD has done a superlative job.”                                                                                                           David on Fever’s portrait

“The portrait has arrived safely and is beautiful, thank-you so much. You have done a wonderful job and I will certainly keep you in mind for some portraits of my own doggies next time. 
Tracey on Smudge’s portrait

“I absolutely love our portrait of Molly.  The colours are stunning and every tiny detail is there, even her shiny coat. It captures her perfectly. Thank you Rose!”                                    Sarah on Molly’s portrait

“After taking 'Grace' on a road-trip to Queensland for a dog show, I dropped her off back at Rose & Greg's house.  After a very happy reunion between Grace and her family (Sadiki, Rose & Greg) Rose presented me with the absolutely stunning portrait she had done of Grace.  Needless to say, I was thrilled - the way Rose has managed to portray Grace's personality in the portrait is incredible.  I proudly show off the portrait to friends who visit ...they always say it's a lovely "photo" and are speechless when I tell them it is actually a painting!
I would highly recommend a pet portrait by Rose at Deefer Dog Designs – they are truly amazing works of art.”
                                                                                                   Vanessa on Grace’s portrait

“I would sincerely like to thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into "Manu and Ratu's portrait".  Everyone who see's it is taken with it and I could not have wished for a better gift for Phil's 40th Birthday. You are truly gifted, the likeness is unbelievable.  Liam my 2 year old knew instantly it was Manu and Ratu. You looked after me so well, from taking the initial photographs to keeping me in the loop right throughout the process.  I am so grateful I was able watch this wonderful journey unfold, to see each stage and watch the portrait come to life through your eyes.  Your efforts will be forever treasured by myself and my family.”                                                                  Tricia on Manu & Ratu

“My husband and I attended a People and Dogs day with our new puppy Ruby. She is a Dogue de Bordeaux. We passed a stall Deefer Dog Designs that did portraits of your pets. We were really interested as we had always wanted to have one done of our old dog, but didn't. I entered the competition that was on offer. We were so chuffed to have received a call later that night to say that we had won. I sent Rose a few pictures that we had of Ruby and let her choose which would make the best portrait. Although we were so excited and wanted it, we didn't want to rush a masterpiece in the making. We got a progress email of the underdrawing and we were just astounded and would have been pleased just the way it was.

When we got the call to say the portrait was ready it was like... go and pick it up now.

I was just gobsmacked when I saw it. It was just beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Every tiny detail, to the whiskers, to the dent in her ear, to the pores in her chin. Absolutely AMAZING! Not only were we lucky enough to win such a wonderful prize Rose made Ruby's portrait in large size.

Rose you truly are a fabulous artist. Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts.”

                                                                                          Damien, Julie & Ruby Owen-Cooper

“In years to come I think it will become a prized possession ... Can't stop staring at the detail in it.  It's the 2nd best belonging I have I've decided ... The first being the subject matter”    

Ellen Mooney on Cooper the Whippet's portrait

“Hi Rose, happy to say that my partner loved it! You did a phenominal job and captured Dallas' look perfectly! She can't believe how true to life it is. Her friends (horse owners too) also agree and asked for your details, so you may have some more jobs coming through!
Thanks again

"WOW!!!!  You have done an amazing job!  You have really captured her!  We were quite emotional looking at it!     I was overwhelmed This morning when Meg's portrait arrived...  You have such a gift and have brought me a smile that I can keep forever.  Thank you!”                       …Pam

“Thank you Rose for the wonderful portrait of Oscar! She loved it and cried on Christmas Day !!!! Thank u again. My sister in law might contact you to do one for her parents xx” …..Shaylee

"Just thought I'd let you know Troy absolutely LOVED Elroy's portrait.. it brought tears to his eyes and so much warmth to the room. It's truly perfect - and very very close to being life size so even better! It's literally like his actual head is there smiling at us! Troy has thanked me a THOUSAND times and sais it is by far the best thing anyone has ever given him.. and so I'd like to pass that appreciation on to you. Thankyou so much for your magical interpretation of our boy.. it has filled the hole in our hearts as much as possible without actually having him around”            …Paige

“The portrait arrived today, safe and sound. It's absolutely georgeous and I know my Mum will love it when she opens it on her birthday. Molly was checking it out when I opened up the box and seemed very impressed with the likeness of her!! Thank you again for your patience in answering my questions and taking my comments and suggestions on board during the process.  I very much appreciate all of the work you have done to create such a beautiful portrait of our two girls."                  Lisa on Chloe's and Molly's combined portrait

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